About Metabolomics

Shown here is a trace from a non-targeted metabolomics run, leading to typical coverage of 500 – 2,000 annotated metabolites.

Metabolomics is the simultaneous measurement of hundreds to thousands of small molecule metabolites in a cell, tissue or bio-fluid. Unlike other –omics techniques, metabolomics provides a direct measurement of real-time cellular physiology to reveal with unprecedented detail the markers of disease, treatment response, and biological mechanism.

While a limited number of academic and industrial researchers and clinicians have demonstrated the potential of metabolomics, significant time and cost constraints have limited the broader application of this technology.


For the first time, General Metabolics brings scale to metabolomics to allow these powerful studies to become a regular part of the R&D workflow to identify markers of disease, to assess target engagement, to mechanistically link targets to broader cellular physiology or to evaluate patient response to treatment.

Interested to read more about how GMet technology is being used to advance and scale metabolomics research and bring new insights to industry?

Following are selected peer-reviewed publications with General Metabolics founders and advisors.

GMet technology has been used in over 50 peer-reviewed publications.