How We Work

General Metabolics is enabling population-scale metabolomics to unravel patient phenotypes with unprecedented detail. We achieve this through strategic partnerships and fee-for-service relationships.

ultra high-throughput + rapid turnaround

General Metabolics’ proprietary technology platform for metabolomics is uniquely suited for analyzing large-scale biological and clinical data sets.


We work with institutions and biopharma companies to provide access to our technology platform and to create custom metabolomics solutions to drive research and development.

Fee For Service Clients

We coordinate with you at each step of the experimental process, from study design to data delivery and initial interpretation—to ensure optimal metabolomics analysis.

For Academic & Biopharma Labs

Plan & Design Your Experiment With Gmet

We provide a full suite of metabolomics capabilities that enable you to make metabolomics a central part of ongoing research, including non-targeted metabolomics, isotopic label tracing, and integration with other –omics such as transcriptional profiling.

Prepare Your Samples

Our sample extraction protocols have been used by laboratories around the world. Once complete, send your samples to our Boston-based laboratory. 

Data Delivery, Analysis & Interpretation

We provide you with fully-processed data reports, cohort statistics, and interactive tools to visualize your data. Most importantly, you have access to our deep expertise during data analysis and interpretation of findings.


ultra high-throughput + rapid turnaround

General Metabolics’ proprietary technology is uniquely suited for delivering enhanced metabolomics data, at an unprecedented scale.

Let’s get started.

If you’re ready to work with General Metabolics or you’d like more information about our capabilities and services, we’re available to answer questions or begin the design process for your metabolomics experiments today.