Explore, understand, and collaborate on your metabolomics data with rich, interactive reports.


General Metabolics is excited to announce our partnership with MarkerLab: a web-based research and reporting platform that simplifies metabolomics data management, visualization, and collaboration. Working in MarkerLab, General Metabolics’ customers can access or create an extensive collection of data organizing tools including ontologies, pathway maps, annotations, and algorithms. These resources are quickly and easily edited, layered, and combined with unique user insights to create a dynamic knowledge base for individuals and institutions.

Focused on usability and putting data in the right biological and chemical context, MarkerLab makes it easy to load, visualize and learn from metabolomics data.


MarkerLab provides a simple web form with integrated email for sharing studies within the platform, or inviting new users to sign up and collaborate. Study owners can assign, modify, or remove collaborator permissions for any study at any time.


MarkerLab’s intuitive reporting tools enable researchers to explore and establish optimal data visualizations, save and recall specific report settings, search and highlight markers of interest, and form hypotheses for future experiments or deeper statistical analysis.


Integrated notebook functionality enables researchers to maintain a dynamic collection of study notes in context with data visualizations. Notes can be shared between study collaborators, including bookmarked links to specific report views for convenient reference.

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