We offer academic and biopharma pricing options based on the size of your experiment and factors such as materials, handling, and additional services requested. The pricing table below reflects per plate fees for high throughput non-targeted metabolomics screening.

Number of plates Academic per-plate pricing starting at Academic per-sample equivalent BioPharma per-plate pricing starting at BioPharma per-sample equivalent
1st plate $9,600 $100 $14,000 $146
plates 2-6 $7,000 $73 $13,000 $135
plates 7-12 $5,000 $52 $12,500 $130
beyond 12 plates negotiable negotiable negotiable negotiable

Prices for focused inquiry with LCMS/MS of polar metabolites and lipids available on request, with discounts available for larger scale studies.

Prices for integrated omics support using GMet technology available upon request.