Edward DriggersFounder

Prior to founding General Metabolics, Dr. Edward Driggers was the Sr. Director and Head of the Metabolism Department at Agios Pharmaceuticals from its founding until 2014, which provided the company’s fundamental metabolomics and flux technologies, enabling Agios in the fields of cancer metabolism and rare metabolic genetic diseases. He has spent over a dozen years working in the area of mass spectrometry-based metabolomics and bioanalytics, developing cutting edge integrated methods to evaluate and engineer cellular biology. Having held early-stage and start-up roles at the successful companies Ironwood Pharmaceuticals/Microbia (Sr. Scientist), Ensemble Discovery (Director of Technology Development), and Agios Pharmaceuticals, Edward has extensive hands-on operational experience converting novel technology into valuable products. Dr. Driggers came to the biotechnology industry following research as an NSF-Sloan Fellowship in Molecular Evolution at Stanford University, and prior he received degrees in Bio-organic chemistry from U.C. Berkeley (PhD.) and The University of Chicago (S.B.), focusing on engineering natural and synthetic enzymes to develop novel activities and direct microbial metabolism.