Uwe SauerFounder

Uwe Sauer received a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Göttingen in 1992. He is currently Professor of Systems Biology at the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology of the ETH Zurich (Switzerland) with a research focus on complex regulation processes that control cellular metabolism. His lab has pioneered the development of quantitative mass spectrometry-based methods for metabolomics and flux analysis with a particular focus on high-throughput methods. Combining the skills of physicists, biologists, engineers and computer scientists, his interdisciplinary lab specializes in developing original computational and modeling approaches to generate testable hypotheses from large-scale metabolomics data. Prof. Sauer has about 70 publications in peer-reviewed journals over the last 5 years, and is a member of various editorial boards, scientific steering and advisory committees of international organizations and companies in systems biology and biotechnology.

Select Publications:

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