Measuring Metabolism

We enable population-scale metabolomics to unravel patient phenotypes with unprecedented detail.

General Metabolics’ proprietary technology platform for metabolomics is uniquely suited for analyzing large-scale biological and clinical data sets.


Broad Unbiased Coverage

Generating a holistic digital profile that includes over 1,000 metabolites and xenobiotics.


Ultra-high throughput

Providing acquisition of up to 1,000 metabolite profiles in a single day.


Automated data generation

Delivering fully automated abundance and annotation.


Comparative analysis

Including seamless differential analysis, cohort statistics, and pathway maps.


Integrated multi-omics

Enabling systems-level insight, and new links to genomic features.

We collaborate with industrial and academic researchers to deliver ultra high-throughput metabolite analysis with unprecedented speed and unlimited scale.

At General Metabolics we provide a full suite of metabolomics capabilities that enable you to make metabolomics a central part of ongoing research, including non-targeted metabolomics, isotopic label tracing, and integration with other –omics types such as transcriptional profiling.  These tools have helped our clients accelerate therapeutics development, pathway engineering, biomarker discovery and mechanistic cellular research.

Large studies are our specialty.

Our high-throughput technology allows us to handle extremely large experiments from 1,000 to 100,000 samples with rapid turnaround.

Management Team

Edward Driggers, PhD - Founder and President

Previously at Agios, Ensemble, and Ironwood Pharma

Scientific Advisors

Uwe Sauer, PhD

Co-Founder Professor at ETH Zurich

Nicola Zamboni, PhD

Co-Founder Professor at ETH Zurich

Ralph DeBerardinis, MD, PhD

Professor at UT Southwestern and HHMI