Measuring Metabolism.

We bring scale to metabolomics, unraveling cellular physiology with unprecedented detail to advance new product development

What is Metabolomics?

Metabolomics is the simultaneous monitoring of hundreds-to-thousands of small molecule metabolites in a cell, tissue or bio-fluid. Unlike other –omics techniques, metabolomics provides a direct measurement of real-time cellular physiology to reveal with unprecedented detail the markers of disease, treatment response, and biological mechanism.

While a limited number of academic and industrial researchers and clinicians have demonstrated the potential of metabolomics, significant time and cost constraints have limited the broader application of this technology.   For the first time, General Metabolics brings scale to metabolomics to allow these powerful studies to become a regular part of the R&D workflow to identify markers of disease, to assess target engagement, to mechanistically link targets to broader cellular physiology or to evaluate patient response to treatment.

Who We Are

Our Founders pioneered the techniques that are being used in research and industry today. We are continuing that heritage with a team of the world’s premier experts in metabolomics, pathway flux, and cellular physiology to advance and scale metabolomics for everyday use with cutting-edge informatics, flux analysis and multi-omics integration to bring new insights into drug discovery and basic biological research.

What We Do
And Why We Want To Do It For You

We collaborate with industrial and academic researchers to measure the metabolic phenotype of their experimental samples, tracking as many as several thousand metabolites in a given experiment.  At General Metabolics we provide a full suite of metabolomics capabilities that enable you to make metabolomics a central part of the ongoing workflow, including non-targeted metabolomics, isotopic label tracing, and integration with other –omics such as transcriptional profiling.  These tools have helped our clients accelerate therapeutics development, pathway engineering, biomarker discovery and mechanistic cellular research.

We coordinate with you at each step of the experimental process from study design to data delivery, including being available to address questions you might have related to your cell culture or tissue preparation to ensure optimal metabolomics analysis.  Most importantly, you have access to our deep expertise during data analysis and interpretation of findings.

GMet’s high-throughput methods and technologies are also particularly efficient at screening large banks of patient samples for both known and also unexpected markers. Our ability to handle large sample batches of 1,000-40,000 samples for metabolomics analysis is unique in the industry. If you have a large batch of samples for analysis, we have more experience than any other metabolomics team in the world.

If you are ready to work with General Metabolics or would like more information, please contact us – we can begin designing your metabolomics experiments, or discuss your questions. Let’s get started!

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