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Our metabolomics services include ultra-high-throughput metabolite profiling, high throughput LC-MS metabolomics, LC-MS lipidomics, and network-based integrative omics. We also provide stable isotope analyses to determine pathway flows as well as custom data analysis and support upon request. Explore each of our metabolomics services in more detail.

Supporting Experimental Design & Secure Data Delivery

All GMet services utilize the GMet metabolomics software ecosystem, supporting experimental design as well as secure, online data delivery of experiment QC data, cohort statistics and reports, as well as access to interactive data analysis tools for the researcher.  Our methods cover metabolites in all major mammalian metabolic pathways. All GMet methods are designed to return processed data and analysis within approximately 2-3 weeks, even for large studies of more than 1000 samples

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Analyte Class Service Offering Data Acquisition Method Analysis Type Intended Use
Polar Metabolites Ultra-high Throughput Metabolite Profiling Flow-injection Q-ToF High Res MS Untargeted High-throughput screening, exploratory, esp. large cohorts
High Throughput LC-MS Metabolomics LC-MS/MS Untargeted or Targeted Supporting chromatographic separation and quantification when desired
Lipids High-throughput Targeted Lipidomics LC-MS/MS Targeted Focused Inquiry, selected panel of up to 20 lipids
High-throughput Untargeted Lipidomics LC-MS/MS Untargeted Supporting chromatographic separation and fragmentation when desired
Polar Metabolites or Lipids Isotopic Labeling Studies Flow-injection Q-ToF High Res MS or LC-MS/MS Untargeted or Targeted Pathway flow analysis
Metabolomics + Transcriptomics Multi Omics Integrated Omics Analysis Software Untargeted Combined Omics for de novo or existing metabolomics and transcriptomics data
Metabolomics, Lipidomics, and Transcriptomics Custom Data Analysis & Support Gmet Data Sciences Resources Client directed Scientific support

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GMet is a unique metabolomics service provider founded by leaders in the field of metabolomics with a strong track-record of harnessing its utility in life sciences. Contact us today to discuss your project with us. 

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