Why GMet


Why General Metabolics

GMet is different from other metabolomics service providers.  The company was founded to eliminate barriers to metabolomics research in life sciences research. We bring speed, rigor, efficiency, and biologic insight to scientists who use metabolomics in their research.

Experienced Team

GMet was created by academic and industrial leaders in metabolomics with a strong track-record of harnessing its utility in life sciences. We bring our extensive metabolomics experience to each client’s project.

Powerful, Sensitive Methods

We use streamlined workflows to measure a wide range of metabolite classes. Our high-throughput standardized analytical methods eliminate most of the need for time-consuming, bespoke method development. We also operate with small sample volumes and diverse matrices including plasma, cells, tissue, saliva, and others upon request.

Rapid Turnaround

We deliver analyzed, interpretable, and interactive data in approximately two weeks, as well as the raw data to support publication needs.

Time and Cost Efficient

Our unique process efficiency drives cost efficiency for your research. GMet provides highly competitive pricing across all its services. We can enable studies that may be prohibited by cost or duration with other platforms.

Customer Service Focused

Our goal is to improve access to metabolomics, enabling it to function at the speed and scale of the other tools of life science, and ensure you get the most out of your metabolism data.

One Partner, Multiple Tools

Apply the right tool from exploratory to focused inquiry, in a cohesive analytics environment that turns data into science. Our capabilities include ultra-high throughput metabolome profiling, LC-MS metabolomics, lipidomics, and integrative-omics.

Broad Coverage

Our methods cover metabolites from the canonical set of mammalian pathways and a wide range of non-mammalian pathways sufficient to evaluate central energy usage, biosynthesis processes, and the regulatory epigenetic and signaling functions closely associated with metabolism. In addition, the GMet team is experienced in discovering features that are outside canonical metabolic pathways

Ultra-high Throughput

We support studies from bench to population scale and with our high throughput methods and integrated data pipelines, we can acquire, process and return results from over 1000 samples in approximately 2 weeks.

Automated Data Pipelines

GMet’s software environment creates an ecosystem that provides Bio/Pharma level informatics capability for any metabolomics researcher.

Interactive Data Analysis Tools

 Our metabolomics analysis software bridges the needs of data scientists, biologists, and analytical chemists, providing QC data, differential analysis, cohort statistics, pathway maps, pathway enrichment tools and  multi-omics tools in an intuitive, interactive environment where biologists can meet their partners in data science for optimal collaboration.


Discuss Your Project Today

With the Experts in Metabolism Research

GMet is a unique metabolomics service provider founded by leaders in the field of metabolomics with a strong track-record of harnessing its utility in life sciences. Contact us today to discuss your project with us. 

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