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At General Metabolics (GMet), we offer the most efficient suite of metabolomics services in the industry, rapidly delivering maximum impact in life sciences research. Our platform democratizes access to metabolomics and lipidomics for investigators worldwide by smoothly incorporating it into diverse research applications, streamlining complex analyses, and providing essential phenotypic context.

GMet’s research services include ultra-high throughput metabolome profiling, LCMS-based metabolomics, lipidomics, and a platform for network-based integrative-omics.  Results are delivered through interactive data and visualization tools to drive biological insight.  We support studies from bench to population scale,  typically delivering data, results, and interpretation in approximately two weeks, even with large scale studies.

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Our mission is to democratize access to metabolomics and enable it to function at the speed and scale of the other tools of life science. GMet’s lab and offices are located in Cambridge, MA.

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GMet is a unique metabolomics service provider founded by leaders in the field of metabolomics with a strong track-record of harnessing its utility in life sciences. Contact us today to discuss your project with us. 

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