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Fee for Service & Onsite Deployment

GMet works with clients on a fee for service basis in which we analyze samples sent to our Cambridge, MA based laboratory and deliver data and results through a secure web-based client portal.

For select high-volume customers, we can also partner to deploy the GMet platform onsite locally or virtually to enable maximally efficient local operation for partners.

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FFS Workflow

Work with the GMet Team to design your metabolism study, select the best tools to use for the problem at hand and frame the desired analysis

We will send you a kit for your samples as well as sample preparation protocols that have been used by laboratories around the world. Once complete, send your samples to our Cambridge-based laboratory. If needed, we can do sample preparation for some matrices.

Access data within approximately 2 weeks from our secure web-based portal. We provide researchers with fully-processed data reports, QC data, cohort statistics, interactive tools to visualize your data, and the raw data itself to support publication. We also provide one hour of dedicated consulting to discuss results, our initial interpretations, and potential next steps.

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Onsite Deployment

The GMet platform technology has been utilized at multiple onsite locations in industry and academia to enhance the speed, throughput and power of high volume metabolomics users.

Customers who deploy the technology onsite receive access to all GMet methods and cloud-based software, dedicated training and support, as well as access to future technology improvements.

Each partnership is unique – please contact us if you’re interested in exploring an onsite deployment of the GMet Platform.

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