Sample Requirements & Service Details

Our process efficiency and experience with metabolomics translate into time and cost efficiency for your research. We provide highly competitive pricing and rapid turnaround, with data acquisition, processing and delivery of results within approximately 2 weeks from sample receipt. 

All GMet prices include support in study design, fully processed data, reports and analysis, access to our interactive visualization tools, as well as dedicated time to discuss our interpretations and perspective on next steps; raw data can be provided to support publications. Studies are typically priced per 96-well plate (minimum scale typically 1/2 96-wp), with discounts available for multi-plate studies.  Academic pricing for ultra-high throughput metabolome profiling starts at $100 per sample, with further discounting based on study size.



Analyte Class Service Offering Data Acquisition Method Analysis Type Representative Sample Requirements**
Polar Metabolites Ultra-high Throughput Metabolite Profiling Flow-injection Q-ToF High Res MS Untargeted ~50 uL plasma / serum, ~200K cells, 15-80 mg feces, 20-50 mg tissue, others by request
High Throughput LC-MS Metabolomics LC-MS/MS Untargeted or Targeted 50-100 uL plasma / serum, ~300-400K cells, ~60-80 mg feces, ~60-80 mg tissue, others by request
Lipids High-throughput Targeted Lipidomics LC-MS/MS Targeted
High-throughput Untargeted Lipidomics LC-MS/MS Untargeted
Polar Metabolites or Lipids Stable Isotopic Labeling Studies Flow-injection Q-ToF High Res MS or LC-MS/MS Untargeted or Targeted
Metabolomics + Transcriptomics (non-metabolite data provided by client) Multi Omics GMet Integrated Omics Analysis Software Untargeted Metabolomics sample requirements as above; differential gene expression data in DESeq2 Result format, including gene identifiers


**Average values are provided; specific sample requirements can vary with experimental design and analytes of interest for all methods


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