Ultra-High Throughput Metabolite Profiling Services

Ultra-High Throughput Metabolite Profiling

GMet’s ultra high throughput flow injection methods rely on accurate mass, high-resolution mass spectrometry to accelerate time to insight, enabling metabolite discrimination in highly complex biological matrices. By combining rapid acquisition methods with efficient data pipelines, we are able to exponentially increase sample throughput as much as 30-fold relative to other metabolomics profiling approaches. With this approach, we can acquire and process data and return analysis of cohorts from up to 1500 samples in typically 2 weeks. 

For this untargeted metabolomics method, GMet’s metabolite identification is based on accurate mass MS1 and the presence of natural 13C isotopologues with < 1 milli-dalton mass accuracy across the entire analyzed mass range from 50-1100 daltons. In addition, GMet’s rapid metabolite profiling methods cover metabolites in all major metabolic pathways (Amino acid metabolism, Central energy pathways, Lipid metabolism, Steroid metabolism, Fatty acids, Amino-sugars & N-glycans, Vitamins and cofactors, Inositol phosphate metabolism), as well as key outlier metabolites not canonically assigned to pathways, such as 2-hydroxyglutarate or itaconic acid. Our untargeted plasma analyses result in annotation of up to 1200 metabolites, including established markers for cardiovascular disease, inflammation, cancer, and exercise.  

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