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Co-Founder and CEO

Ed is the founder and CEO of General Metabolics. He was previously a founder and CTO at Rheos Medicines and has over 20 years of scientific and technology experience in emerging biotechnology companies. Prior to joining Rheos, Ed created and led the Cell Metabolism Department at Agios Pharmaceuticals where he built an industry-leading platform for metabolism discovery and was a co-author of publications in Immunity, Nature, and Science which documented the discovery of 2HG production by IDH-mutant tumors that has led to the development of Idhifa and other treatments for acute myelogenous leukemia. Prior to Agios, he held R&D roles at Ensemble Discovery and Microbia, Inc.

Ed completed a NSF-Sloan Post-Doctoral Fellow at Stanford University, studying molecular evolution. He received his PhD in Bio-organic chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley and an SB in Biological Chemistry at the University of Chicago.

Executive Chair, COO

Gad Soffer is currently the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Soffer Holdings, a family office investment vehicle created in 2022. He was previously Chief Operating Officer, or COO, at Rheos Medicines, Inc., a Third Rock Ventures funded startup launched in 2018. Prior to joining Rheos, Mr. Soffer was part of the founding team at Atara Biotherapeutics, a Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, Domain Associates-funded startup where he served initially as COO and then Chief Strategy Officer, or CSO.  At Atara, Mr. Soffer led the strategic evaluation and in-licensing of the company’s allogeneic T cell therapy platform as well as the subsequent identification and licensing of technologies leading to the development of its off-the-shelf CAR-T programs. Prior to joining Atara, Mr. Soffer worked at Celgene Corporation as Executive Director and Global Project Leader where he led the team responsible for product development and lifecycle management for Abraxane, a breast, lung, and pancreatic cancer treatment also in development for a variety of solid tumors. He also served as Director of Business Development at Celgene where he drove and supported numerous business development transactions. Earlier, Mr. Soffer was a healthcare consultant with Easton Associates. He earned an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MS from Columbia University and an AB from Harvard University.

Scientific Advisors

ETH Zurich

Uwe Sauer is Professor of Systems Biology in the Department of Biology at the ETH Zurich. Research in the Sauer lab takes an interdisciplinary approach that combines quantitative experimentation and modelling to solve fundamental questions of how bacteria and yeasts coordinate their metabolism and how they interact with each other and various hosts. In particular, his lab has pioneered quantitative mass spectrometry-based methods for 13C-flux analysis and high-throughput metabolomics, enabling rapid hypothesis generation on the molecular and functional operation of complex metabolic networks.

ETH Zurich

Nicola Zamboni graduated in the group of Jay Bailey at the Institute of Biotechnology of ETH Zurich, where he also received his Ph.D. degree in 2003 in the field of metabolic engineering and 13C metabolic flux analysis. In 2004, he moved as a PostDoc to the Stanford Genome Technology Center to deepen his knowledge on mass spectrometry and to apply metabolomics-based approaches for unraveling causes of metabolic changes in eukaryotic cells. This activity continues currently at ETH Zurich, where he returned in 2005 as a Principal Investigator in the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology of ETH Zurich since 2005. The lab focuses on the development of experimental methods of to characterize the in vivo response of complex metabolic networks to perturbations and environmental cues and reverse engineer cellular regulation.

UT Southwestern

Dr. DeBerardinis serves as chief of Pediatric Genetics and Metabolism at UT Southwestern and director of the Genetic and Metabolic Disease Program in the CRI. Dr. DeBerardinis became a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Investigator in 2018 and was elected to the National Academy of Medicine in 2020.  The DeBerardinis laboratory is interested in the role of altered metabolic states in human diseases, particularly pediatric inborn errors of metabolism and cancer. This research is tightly integrated with clinical activities in medical genetics, oncology and radiology, providing seamless opportunities to examine the relevance of findings in patients.

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