LC-MS Metabolomics: Targeted and Untargeted Analysis

LC-MS/MS analysis empowers metabolomics and metabolism research across a very wide range of areas: from questions of mechanism in human cell biology and cancer or immunology research, to evaluation of microbes and other cellular production systems, to microbiome studies from different human and animal tissues, LC-MS/MS tools can provide deep metabolomics insight. GMet’s platform is largely application-agnostic, so reach out and let us know about your research questions.

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At GMet, we apply rapid chromatographic methods coupled to high-resolution accurate mass Quadrupole Time-of-Flight (Q-TOF) based detection for both molecular ions and fragments to acquire your data. Using our proprietary cloud-based software platform comprised of traditional and machine-learning algorithms, we analyze your complete sample dataset as a whole experimental unit, providing the best possible evaluation of reproducibility and statistics to describe the metabolic state of your biological system. LC-MS can be applied in either targeted or untargeted mode.

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Targeted LC-MS Metabolomics

Our targeted LC-MS/MS service is ideal for researchers who may have already focused their metabolism investigations around specific pathways or metabolite sets, or are seeking absolute quantification of specific metabolites. Targeted metabolomics can also serve as an elegant follow-up analysis on novel features discovered through untargeted experiments that have been run with GMet.

Untargeted LC-MS Metabolomics

When your metabolism research is building on cell- or tissue-level biological hypotheses, but you have yet to uncover a sufficient scope of metabolite and pathway level phenotypes – or perhaps you are seeking a broader basis-set of potential biomarkers to choose from – then untargeted LC-MS/MS studies are a good place to start. The purpose of untargeted LC-MS/MS is to generate new hypotheses for future tests by measuring a very broad cross-section of the metabolites in your biological system. The methods we apply for non-targeted LC-MS metabolomics use the same rapid chromatography and high-resolution accurate mass plus fragmentation methods.


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GMet is a unique metabolomics service provider founded by leaders in the field of metabolomics with a strong track-record of harnessing its utility in life sciences. Contact us today to discuss your project with us. 

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