LC-MS Metabolomics

Our high-throughput LC-MS/MS metabolomics profiling methods can be run in either a targeted or untargeted fashion.

Our rapid, untargeted LC-MS/MS metabolomics profiling method for polar metabolites can augment GMet’s ultra-high throughput metabolite profiling by providing chromatographic resolution and MS2 fragmentation data for individual metabolite species. Metabolite identification is based on comparison with an extensive library of metabolite standards across a diverse range of metabolic pathways.

Targeted Analysis

In settings where researchers have very focused scientific questions or have developed such questions through prior untargeted experiments with GMet, we can team up to design targeted LC-MS/MS metabolomics profiling studies for focused inquiry, based on up to 20 metabolite standards provided by the customer (if they are not already part of GMet’s metabolite library).  These LC-MS/MS metabolite targeting studies will deliver high-confidence, translatable results that can provide quantitative metabolite read-outs if desired. For targeted analyses, please reach out to GMet with your specific study design.

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GMet is a unique metabolomics service provider founded by leaders in the field of metabolomics with a strong track-record of harnessing its utility in life sciences. Contact us today to discuss your project with us. 

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